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Our first batch of "It's Time for Plan B" shirts have been shipped!

Thank you to all who ordered shirts and and especially big thank you to all who pre-ordered. Without the pre-orders, we would not have known if these shirts would sell, but we are extremely excited to find that they are flying off the shelves! We've sent shipments to Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and all over the U.S. so far and are excited to get our message across the globe. Thank you all again for supporting the cause! Keep fighting the good fight!

We have plenty of "It's Time for Plan B" shirts in stock now and are getting ready to produce the "Bitcoin and Crossbones" shirts at the end of this month. Place your orders now!

First Batch of t-shirt orders will be ready to ship April 11th

We are sorry for the setback on the shirts. We originally had anticipated that the shirts would be ready to ship this week, but our supplier has notified us that they are actually set to arrive on April 11th. We will process and ship out all orders the following day!

Thank you for your patience.

Don't forget to check out our new design the Bitcoin and Crossbones Pirate shirt.

Bitcoin payments are back online!

After weeks of waiting for to fix their API, we were still left without an option to accept payments online. We have now signed up with Bitpay to accept Bitcoin payments. Everything seems to be running smoothly, so please continue to make purchases using our online store.

Thank you, Bitpay, for making integration into our site easy. We will gladly pay the 1% per transaction for a reliable service!

Pre-order your "It's Time for Plan B" shirts today

Today marks an exciting milestone for

We have launched our online store.
We only accept Bitcoin as payment in our online store. If you prefer to pay in fiat, what are you even doing here? Bitcoin payments are handled via Once you checkout, you will be given a unique payment address and QR code. Once your payment has been received and confirmed on Blockchain, your order will be shipped!

Our shirts will be ordered on March 21st.
We are finally ready to order our first batch of shirts! It's been months of hard work, but now that our online store is up and running we are ready to take orders. Please check out our store for the signature "It's Time for Plan B" shirt design and also a limited edition orange shirt (pre-order only).

What are you waiting for? Shop now

Our first round of stickers are being shipped out tomorrow!

We are finally shipping out the "It's Time for Plan B" stickers from our first official giveaway! The 5-packs of stickers will be sent out via U.S.P.S. tomorrow. We're sending these all around the world, so if you live further away from San Francisco please stand by for the postal service to deliver.

This is a huge milestone for because is the first batch of propaganda to hit the world. We have big plans to raise awareness of Bitcoin through physical marketing materials. Stand by for our announcement of the pre-order of our first run of t-shirts.

Thank you all for donating to the cause and please register on to join in on the discussion forum.

It's Time for Plan B Stickers!


We are giving away stickers! A five-pack of stickers for every donation. You may donate as little or as much as you like. Every Satoshi counts!

We have an extremely limited supply, but if we receive enough BTC to cover another run of stickers, we will have more made and this time we will find a printshop that accepts BTC!

We will cover postage for shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (lower 48 states). If you live outside of the U.S. please pitch in a little extra BTC to cover postage.

Please use the button below to donate and receive your stickers.


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