Our first round of stickers are being shipped out tomorrow!

We are finally shipping out the "It's Time for Plan B" stickers from our first official giveaway! The 5-packs of stickers will be sent out via U.S.P.S. tomorrow. We're sending these all around the world, so if you live further away from San Francisco please stand by for the postal service to deliver.

This is a huge milestone for TimeForPlanB.org because is the first batch of propaganda to hit the world. We have big plans to raise awareness of Bitcoin through physical marketing materials. Stand by for our announcement of the pre-order of our first run of t-shirts.

Thank you all for donating to the cause and please register on TimeForPlanB.org to join in on the discussion forum.

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Twitter: @TimeForPlanBTC 
Email: i@timeforplanb.org

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